Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 94 (7-13-15)

Elders Haws, Skelton, McAlister, and Miller
What a fast week. It flew by.

We battled some fierce rains this week. It rained for about 90 percent of the weekend. From Thursday to Sunday it rained for the majority of the time and by the night the streets were all rivers. I am grateful for waterproof clothing. But even though I had myself pretty bundled up, I got wet. There was no stopping it. It’s hard when you're trudging through water up to your knees.

We got some work done this week! We were finally able to start finding a bunch of people. We invited all of them to be baptized. Most didn't accept but there were a couple that did, and we finally got one to even go to church.

We were just knocking apartment building doors in this one sector and the first door we knock was answered and we got in. He’s about an 80 year old guy named Juan and lives in his house with his wife who is currently sick. We had a pretty brief lesson and asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he told us, ''Well why not?!'' He’s a cool guy. We actually got him to go to church and he really enjoyed it. I think he will be going somewhere.

I am really short on time today, but briefly we had a good work week. We focused real hard on finding and we found.

On Thursday we had a really short mini cambio with the assistants, and by the time I got there all I had left to do was go to Bulnes (another city in Chillan) and do a support interview for one of their investigators. Elder Sperry (the assistant) and I went over and got it done and we headed back to the sector. That afternoon, we also had a cool activity where we had a Christmas in July in the chapel and a ton of people showed up. It was pretty awesome.

I am planning on getting some good stuff done this week, I am looking forward to meeting many more people and bringing many more to Christ.  My comp is heading home this week. He’s leaving before the transfer is officially over and that means I will be paired with the other two missionaries in the sector to finish out the transfer. Just another change to add to the week.

Thank you for all the love. I love you guys and thank you for all the support you give me. I am thankful for all that you do. I hope you have a great week.

Elder Ethan Haws

Chillan Viejo Zone

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