Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week 96 (7-27-15)

Elders Roberts and Haws

This week was another crazy run through the sector without having an assigned companion. However, I did have a bit more luck than the last week. I found some people and had some really incredible lessons. I really feel like my teaching skills are just getting nicely polished off as I get older here in the mission. It was also great having to leave with members to get stuff done. It has been a blessing to get to know some of the Hermanos and get more confidence with them.

On Saturday I was going around knocking a couple doors with a recently returned missionary in the ward and I stopped by a family we had contacted in the street a week and a half ago. We had already visited them once before. I had been trying to visit them the whole week but they weren’t there every time I passed by. So on Saturday we passed by and She actually was there. We got in and started teaching and she opened right up to all of the difficulties she is going through right now in her life. Phew... She has some serious problems going on but they were perfectly solvable through baptism.  After, she had expressed her feelings I looked at her and said, ''Hermana, You know what? There is an answer to all that is going wrong in your life. Christ has a plan for you, He loves you and the answer is through following his teachings, specifically by being baptized.''

She accepted to be baptized and the lesson was fantastic. The only thing is she didn't show up to church. We will have to focus on that commitment much more this week.

Everything else was about trying to find and trying to get work done.

Elder Roberts had his last week here and left on Sunday night to Conce. That means that I’ve been chilling with my bro, Elder Brewster since last night.  It’s weird being in the sector with just 2 people.  We also have cambios this week.

Elder Villar (from Santiago) is coming to be my comp! He is coming from Concepcion. Saddest thing is that they're closing down Copihues B so it means that I am just going to be alone with Villar. Brewster is leaving me, and that stinks. As we say here in Chile, He fell really well with me.

 I am excited for this last cambio it is going to be the hardest worked and hopefully successful. I am so ready to give my all out here. It is going to be a really fun next 6 weeks. There will be a lot of stuff to do but I am so willing to give my all.

Thank you for all that you guys are doing and all the support that you always give. I love all of you so much and I hope that this week is fantastic. 
See you next week!

Elder Ethan Haws

 Inside a Chilean bus

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