Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 91 (June 22, 2015)

Wow... So many changes, challenges, and responsibilities. 

all I can say is that the life here in Chillán is incredible.  It’s by far the best place I have been assigned to in my entire mission. The people are sooooo much friendlier here. It’s cleaner, friendlier, and just better. It’s the same kind of greatness that Coyquen was. I love Chillán. 

Chillán Viejo is like an urban city mixed with countryside. This sector is huge!!!!!! I seriously think that I have never had to walk so far in my entire mission. 

I’m with Elder Miller. He is a great friend and a great missionary. It has been awesome working with him.

Due to being in the worst cyber in the century I am going to have to keep this brief. I have got a million things to tell you all, but at this point it is impossible. The computer has been frozen for the last 25 minutes or so. 

I love the ward here.  We've got some hard working members. I really feel like I have died and gone to missionary paradise. There are no conflicts here and the converts are well taken care of. The bishop is stellar and is helping us A LOT. 

The house is pretty... well, it is liveable. The front door doesn't shut all the way because it expanded because of the humid summer so all the freezing winter wind blows right through the cracks and makes the house freezing. Thank goodness we've got a good pair of space heaters..... everything inside is pretty nice, the only thing we really lack is just our washing machine. It broke and we had to sell it. Today we'll be looking for a new one.

Im living with Miller, Brewster, and Roberts. Miller and Roberts are finishing their missions this transfer and Brewster has the same time as my son so he’s new. This is a great group. I find all these guys HILARIOUS in their own little ways. I will be sure to tell you more about them. 

It seems like I’m in some sort of death factory. Miller, Roberts and Hermana Antillón are all dying this cambio in the sector. Ill be dead this next transfer. I’m practically serving in a graveyard. 

The week was good work wise and we have an investigator named Max that is going to be baptized this weekend. They found him a week before I left and he is GOLD. He was a reference and had gone to church quite a bit before. SO, It is time for a baptism. He is super ready. 

I feel so exhausted and Im working so hard that it almost seems like I’m just in a dream or something. These weeks will definitely go by quick. 

That's it for the week. Thanks for everything. I love you guys tons!!!
See you next week!

Elder Ethan Haws

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