Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 92 (June 29, 2015)

"Elder Scholes and I.
He has been one of my greatest teachers in the mission. He has taught me SO MUCH. He has been giving the mission trainings for the last year and a half and now he is heading home. I am thankful to have been able to know him." 
 Typical street in Chillan Viejo

This week was a hard work week. Elder Miller and I went to town on the sector. So many amazing and beautiful experiences are always happening. I am surprised how amazing Chillán is. Seriously, I think that this is one of the best times, if not the best, of my mission.

I am loving the people here. Everything is so calm and people are 1000000000x nicer here. The sector is huge and I have no idea how I am going to be able to learn all of the sector in just 2 more weeks. I will also most likely have to pair up with the other two elders here when Elder Miller takes off and that means I will have to be a solo zone leader... just on my own.. So there are some daunting tasks on the horizon yet to come.

I think that work was pretty normal this week. Elder Miller and I spent hours trying to find people to teach but NO ONE popped up. We have been trying everything to find but not much has happened. We are really trying to introduce more solutions to how we are going to find this week. The zone however is doing much better. We had a pretty low week last week and this week we saw it all turn around in general. We feel good with that.
The highlights of the week were definitely these:

The baptism.

Max got baptized on Friday and he feels stoked. We feel stoked about it. I have literally never seen someone so prepared!!! He contacted us and wanted to get baptized. It is great seeing him change from the life he had before. It is amazing to see the gospel work. We have a great new convert in the ward.

Stake conference.

Why you might ask?

The session was actually quite plain and the same thing that usually goes down in conferences. I have been to three stake conferences this year already!

The only thing that really stuck out is the fact that I'm in the same stake as one of my last sectors, Coyquen. I got to love those people so much there. I was excited all week to go and see quite a few of them.

As I entered the chapel Sunday morning I started to see everyone. I looked though the sacrament room door and to right next to me I saw someone turn and start flipping out and I looked to see that was Constanza Vergara!  It was like that epic reunion scene but without the hugging and only a big handshake. Then the rest of the family came in and I embraced them. I love the Vergaras. They are awesome and it was great seeing them. I saw many other people and they all still remembered me. I was quite surprised. I didn't realize that I had made that much of a mark on people. It was the stuff of dreams. I realized how much I love the people I have taught. It is a friendship without price and description. They are my brothers and sisters. I consider them family.

Wow. I'm tired. I'm travelling more than I ever have in my life. I'm working harder than ever. I'm more content with the sector I am in than ever before. I have an amazing companion. There are great people in my house. This a great zone. I'm freezing cold in the mornings and nights and when we're working outside. I'm learning tons about myself, and about leadership. I am doing great. These are definitely times I will never forget. I am loving the experiences of every day. I am growing in every aspect of my testimony.

I love you all, and hope you have an incredible week. For those of you in the states.... I am jealous of your summer weather. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for all of the support and love. Until next week!

Elder Haws

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